Georgio and Stefania


“The BEST European trip I have taken.” Beverly Z. Bethesda, MD

“Everything was organized so beautifully. We never would have seen all of these places had we not been on the tour.” Rosario C., Los Angeles, CA

“We got to see and do everything without having to worry about anything. The restaurants were excellent and service was the best. We loved being off the ‘tourist’ routes. Your choices and planning created a sense of closeness to the places and people in Italy.” Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P., Palm Desert,CA

“We wanted a no-stress trip where someone else took care of arrangements! Our desire was to see the Italian countryside and small towns. Good food and wine were a must!!! We hoped for a congenial traveling group and a pleasant, helpful guide. Our trip provided all of it!” Mary and Glenn L., Cary, NC

“I appreciated the knowledge of the guide. Her insight was helpful in appreciating the background of the area and the significance historically.” Dolores B., Silver Spring, MD